Changes On The COPA Board

Bob Kirkby


Last year my co-director from Alberta, Bill Beaton, had to step down from the Board due to other commitments. The Board has an established policy of calling a by-election if there is more than half a term left when someone resigns, but if there is less than half a term left the Board may choose to appoint a replacement or leave the position empty for the balance of the term.

In this case there was less than half a term left so the Board chose to appoint a replacement for the balance of the term.

I am pleased to announce that in January the Board appointed Trekker Armstrong to represent Alberta and the Northwest Territories until the next scheduled election in 2012.

Many of you will know Trekker as the Chair of the Neil Armstrong Scholarship Committee, which adjudicates the annual scholarship awards made possible by the Neil Armstrong Fund, honouring Trekker’s father.

Trekker brings with him a life-long involvement in Personal Aviation as well as significant board and business experience.Trekker was recently co-chair, along with Bill Beaton, of the very successful Calgary COPA Convention in 2009.

On behalf of the Board I welcome Trekker and look forward to working with him.

Regrettably, I must also announce a resignation from the COPA Board. Our Director from BC and the Yukon, and Western Vice-Chair, Terry Wilshire has found it necessary to resign from the Board due to health reasons.

Terry has been on the COPA Board since 2006 and has made a very significant contribution to the Board, COPA, and Personal Aviation as a whole. Terry has been our Western Vice- Chair since 2008 and a member of the Executive Committee.

He has served on the By-Laws and Policies Committee, has provided great assistance to me as our Board Parliamentarian, and most recently has been a member of our Task Force on Governance working on governance improvements.

On behalf of the Board and COPA staff I would like to thank Terry for everything he has done for aviation and we wish all the best for Terry and his wife Gillian.

Since there is over two years left on Terry’s current term on the Board we will hold a by-election to fill this position representing BC and the Yukon, along with current Director Tim Cole.

See the call for nominations for this by-election elsewhere in this issue of COPA Flight.

Meanwhile, keep your prop spinning.