Make sure your event is listed in On the Horizon


Well this summer’s flying got off to a very slow start. Alberta has had one of the wettest springs on record and from what I’ve seen on the news that seems to be a common theme in most parts of the country.

With the poor weather, recent economic downturn and the price of fuel going through the roof, I was curious to know how this might be impacting the number of flying events planned for this summer. I decided to repeat a very crude sampling I did back in June of 2009.

At that time I took the June issue of COPA Flight and counted the number of flying events listed in the On the Horizon section up to the end of October. I was comparing 2008 to 2009 and discovered in June 2008 there were 131 events listed while in June 2009 there were 146 such events listed of which 30% were organized by COPA Flights. I was pleased to see this number increasing.

I’ve just done the same straw poll for 2010 and 2011. The results are good news and bad news. In June 2010 there were exactly 100 flying events listed (38% organized by COPA Flights), a decrease from 2009. However, in June 2011 the number had increased to 111 events with 48% being run by COPA Flights.

The interesting thing is that a larger percentage of events are being organized by COPA Flights. I suspect this is partly because more flying clubs are becoming COPA Flights and also because there has been a great uptake on our COPA-For-Kids program, which is only available to COPA Flights.

If any of you are involved in planning a flying event make sure it gets into the On the Horizon section of the paper as early as possible, and be sure to indicate if it is a COPA Flight event so the COPA wings logo can be placed over your listing.

Use the on-line form on our website to submit events for posting, both in the paper and on the website. While you’re at it go the Places to Fly section and update your airport’s particulars and those of the community.

Fly-ins, airport open houses, COPAForKids days, and many other aviation events are great ways to raise our profile among the general public.

Be sure to let the local media know all about your events and, where appropriate, invite one or two local dignitaries. We need all the good PR we can get to help keep our airports open.

As I write this on July 4th it is sunny and warm in Calgary, and has been for a whole week. I’m beginning to think I might get some good flying in this summer after all. I hope you do too.

Meanwhile, keep your prop spinning.