COPA supports its Flights with major benefits


COPA Flights are something many members are not involved with and perhaps know nothing about. COPA Flight (not to be confused with COPA Flights) is this paper, which regularly contains several pages near the beginning with articles sent in by various COPA Flights describing their activities.

Judging by these articles the COPA Flights members always seem to be having lots of fun doing aviation stuff, which is a large part of their reason for being.

COPA Flights form a network of COPA Chapters across the country although we are not as formal with our Flights as most associations are with Chapters. Although a few COPA Flights have been started from scratch, most are actually pre-existing flying clubs which have applied for and been granted COPA Flights status.

For this reason we try to keep it simple to become a COPA Flight and recognize the diversity and self-sufficiency of the many flying clubs that come together under the COPA Flights banner.

The one thing that all COPA Flights have in common is members who possess a love for aviation and a keen interest in preserving our Freedom to Fly in Canada. By joining this network of Flights pilots and aircraft owners lend their support to the advocacy work that COPA does to preserve this Freedom to Fly.

Some Flights do fundraising work to directly support our Freedom to Fly Fund. Some run fly-ins and airport open houses bringing together the aviation community and the general public to raise awareness of the value of Personal Aviation.

Some run COPAfor- Kids events for Junior Aviators to introduce young people to aviation and demonstrate the wonderful community spirit that abounds in aviation. Others focus on small airports by doing everything from cutting the grass to constructing terminal buildings. Some do most of the above.

Opportunities abound for pilots to come together and contribute to the preservation of their passion for flight. Coming together under a common banner like COPA Flights raises awareness across the country with the public, the service providers, and the regulators and offers increased credibility and support to COPA and the work we do.

COPA supports its COPA Flights with two major benefits, an insurance package and the COPA-for-Kids program. The insurance package provides COPA Flights with event liability insurance that is second to none. It covers all the events and activities they might be involved in as a group. On an individual club basis this would be very expensive.

For the COPA-for- Kids program highquality promotional and training materials, a complete guide, a dedicated website and additional aircraft liability insurance is provided. All of this is at no cost to the Flights.

Of course Flights are also given plenty of free space in our monthly paper to publicize events and run articles on their activities. This helps individual Flights attract new members and share information.

In order to remain eligible for liability insurance offered to Flights, they are required to ensure that COPA head office always has current information on who the officers of each Flight are and the contact details. At a minimum, Flights are required to report on the Flight’s status, including holding elections by December 31st of each year.

A new interactive COPA Flights page is on our website to make the updating process easier. This also keeps the Flight contact information on our website current for COPA members wishing to find a Flight in their area. The traditional method of updating by paper submission remains available.

I would like to tell you how many COPA members are also members of COPA Flights, but I don’t know. We are hoping this new on-line update process will soon provide this sort of data so we will know how many members are represented by COPA Flights and the extent to which we can deliver information to members through the Flights.

If you would like to join a COPA Flight or if you are part of a club or group thinking of forming a COPA Flight, go to the COPA website (, click on the “About COPA” pull-down menu, and then click on “COPA Flights.”

Meanwhile, keep your prop spinning.