Consider donating your time


If you read last month’s paper you should be aware 2008 is an election year for your Board of Directors, in which one half of the seats are up for election. See the full details in our Call for Nominations elsewhere in this issue.

I want to encourage you to consider donating some of your time and experience to your association. Many of your Directors have been doing their share for a long time and some are getting a bit weary. Although they might not want to admit it for fear of letting the members down, some would appreciate having a fresh, enthusiastic member step forward to offer their services.

If you live in any of the following regions there is still time to get your nomination in before the February 7, deadline: Newfoundland & Labrador, the Maritimes, Northern Ontario, Manitoba and Nunavut, Saskatchewan, or Alberta and NWT.

If you would like to be a major contributor to your association find five members to sign your nomination form and send it in now.

If you are not ready for the challenge yourself you can still be a major contributor to the success of your association by identifying and nominating an associate. Read the Call for Nominations and think of someone you know who might fit the bill. Someone you would like to have representing your interests on the Board.

Discuss it with them and if they are agreeable find four others to sign the nomination form. By doing so you are playing an important part in the future of your association.

The list of candidates will be published in the March COPA Flight. Then it will be every members’ responsibility to choose the candidate they feel will do the best job of contributing to the Board and of representing their interests. Please take the time to vote if you live in one of the electoral regions mentioned above.

Every Director goes to Board meetings, strategic planning meetings, and regional events wanting to do the best they can for you, their members. Do your part by participating in the election of Directors.

Your Directors also like to be invited to attend Flight meetings and flying club meetings. When your club is planning its agendas consider inviting your regional COPA Director to a meeting to talk about what’s going on at COPA.

Read about the candidates in the March issue and get on your keyboard and vote. Let’s make 2008 a banner year for voter turnout.

Meanwhile, keep your prop spinning.