It’s election time again for the COPA Board of Directors 


You might be thinking, “Didn’t we just have an election?”, but that was two years ago. Every two years we hold an election for half of the Board of Director seats so there is overlap and continuity on the Board. Elsewhere in the December and January issues you will find the details of the election process. Please read this , if you haven’t already, right after reading my column.

This year we are seeking Directors from Quebec (2), Southern Ontario (3) and B.C./Yukon (2). One Director is retiring in each of these regions. Regional representation is an important aspect of the Board’s responsibilities and critical to COPA’s ability to be a truly national advocacy organization.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the three Directors who have announced they will be retiring from the Board this year.

From Quebec Michel Moreau has served on the board for two terms during which time he has been a very strong representative of COPA members in Quebec. Michel has successfully argued for more French material in COPA Flight. You can now find our COPA at Wok pages and several columns translated into French every month.

Michel has raised the awareness of COPA in Quebec and initiated COPA support for a number of freedom-to-fly challenges that have been funded by our Freedom To Fly fund. I would like to thank Michel for the work he has done for COPA and for his professional and thought-provoking participation on the Board. Michel also served on the Executive Committee as the Eastern Vice-Chair.

From southern Ontario Harold Fry has served on the Board for one term. Harold was very focused on COPA Flights in his region, visiting them at every opportunity to bring COPA to the members. Harold is big on the COPA Flight concept and believes the Flights are a very important part of the COPA national presence. I would like to thank Harold for his valuable input to the Board and to myself on many topics of structure and organization.

From B.C. and Yukon our illustrious “Captain Ken” is retiring from the Board after serving several terms. Ken Armstrong has and continues to contribute a wealth of aviation experience and knowledge not only to COPA and the Board but to aviation in general throughout Canada.

Ken’s frank opinions both on the Board and in COPA Flight often generate spirited debate but are always refreshingly sincere. Ken has always promoted cooperation and unity among the many aviation groups in Canada and is a tireless advocate for general aviation. I would like to thank Ken for his many years of service to COPA, for serving as Secretary on the Executive Committee, and for his valuable input to this Chair.

If the contributions of these gentlemen provide some inspiration to you, it’s not too late to get your nomination in for one of the Board seats up for election. The deadline is February 8 to fax or email your nomination form in.

Look for details and nomination forms under the title “COPA Board of Director Election 2010” in December and January issues and on our website:

Meanwhile, keep you prop spinning.