Members donations continue to be strong

Bob Kirkby


This month I would like to give you an update on the past year’s donations to the Freedom to Fly Fund.

Donations to the Freedom to Fly Fund in 2010 totaled $41,272. This is down considerably from 2009 which was our highest year at $69,800. Nonetheless, members are continuing to donate strongly to help COPA keep Personal Aviation alive and well. Every dollar is very much appreciated and I thank you for it.

Let me break that number down for you.

Individual member donations provided more than half, a total of $23,089. The bulk of those donations came in small amounts from 725 individual members.

So give yourself a big pat on the back, and a big thank you from me.

Our COPA Flights came through again last year. Twelve Flights raised and donated a total of $4,060. I would like to recognize and thank these Flights for their fund raising efforts:

  • Flight 23 North Bay, ON
  • Flight 36 Kelowna, BC
  • Flight 51 Wetaskiwin, AB
  • Flight 90 Cold Lake/Bonnyville, AB
  • Flight 113 Lloydminster, AB
  • Flight 121 Carleton Place, ON
  • Flight 125 Summerside, PE
  • Flight 132 Embrun, ON
  • Flight 138 Russell, MB
  • Flight 151 Pemberton, BC.

Flight 156 Cranbrook, BC Flight 157 Sedgewick, AB The top fund raising flight was Flight 157, Sedgewick, AB with a total of $1,000! Thank you to our Flights for raising this money and don’t forget to put out the coffee can at all your events this year requesting Donations to the Freedom to Fly Fund.

We also received $10,950 in donations from other flying clubs and associations.

These were:

  • Alberta Flying Farmers
  • RAA Chapter 433
  • xNorthern Lake Amphibians Pilots Association
  • Nighthawk Flying Club

I would like to especially recognize the members of the Nighthawk Flying Club in Iroquois Falls, Ontario. They recently wound down their flying club and donated $10,000 of their residual funds to the Freedom to Fly Fund. This is a very generous gesture. Thank you very much!

Nighthawk Flying Club incorporated in 1974 and was started by Buddy Trip, Gary Piever, Bill McCarthy, Maurice and Ingrid Hibbard, Courtney Robinson and Ed Pedskalny. The club’s base of operations was at the Iroquois Falls Municipal Airport (NE4) where they operated on one paved runway 14-32 and two grass strips. The club’s first instructor was Darlene Trip who graduated 15 students in the first year of operation using two Cessna 150 aircraft.

We also received donations from five Aviation Businesses, including small aerodromes, totaling $3,174 to the Freedom to Fly Fund. Thank you to these businesses for recognizing the value of Personal Aviation.

Everyone who donated deserves a great big thank you from all of us who fly our own or rented aircraft. Your generous donations make the job of defending your freedom to fly possible.

At the risk of repeating myself from last month, COPA continues to require the Freedom to Fly Fund even though we were successful with our Supreme Court case concerning federal jurisdiction over aerodromes and airport. There are many more challenges to our freedom to fly out there which require funding. So please keep those donations coming.

If I missed recognizing any donations please email me, and I apologize in advance.

Meanwhile, keep your prop spinning.