COPA launching corporate sponsorship program for SAF


The total amount raised for the SAF in 2008 was $55,600. This came from member donations, COPA Flight fund raisers, and one corporate donation. There are a large number of companies, big and small, that derive some or all of their revenue from general aviation. Assuming they would like to maintain or grow this revenue then they should be willing to assist COPA’s efforts to keep its members flying.

We have been working on a SAF sponsorship program which will be going out to such corporations in 2009. There will be four levels on sponsorship: Bronze for $500 or more, Silver for $1000 or more, Gold for $5000 or more, and Platinum for $10000 or more.

An area will be set aside in COPA Flight on the SAF appeals page, “Will you have a place to land tomorrow?”, and SAF Corporate Sponsors will be listed by their level of sponsorship. Each sponsorship level will run in the paper for a different length of time. For example, Platinum sponsors will get 12 months of coverage, Gold will get 6 months, etc.

Participating sponsors will be helping COPA keep general aviation alive into the future as well as receiving recognition for their generosity by our members. Members will be encouraged to patronize the sponsoring companies who are contributing to their freedom to fly.

This could be a win-win for everyone who participates. Let’s hope there are lots of companies out there that want to see general aviation, and in particular Personal Aviation, succeed and grow. The Special Action Fund is critical to achieving this success.

See the links below for examples of achievements funded by the Special Action Fund, detail of the sponsorship program, and the sponsorship form.

Meanwhile, keep your prop spinning.

Information on SAF Corporate Sponsors: