SAF fundraising reaches beyond COPA


Let me begin this month’s column with a thank you to two more COPA Flights that have given generously to the Special Action Fund (SAF). Both COPA Flight 4 in Regina and COPA Flight 23 in North Bay have each donated $500 to the SAF. This brings the total raised by COPA Flights so far this year to $3,638.

But not only COPA Flights appreciate the work the SAF makes possible. EAA Chapter 266 in Montreal donated $250, RAA Chapter 415, Montreal raised $200, the Bush Pilots Association of Quebec (Aviateurs et pilotes de brousse du Québec) raised $500 for the SAF at a special event and several individuals sent in thousands more, including a whopping $10,000 from Fort Langley Aviation.
The grand total so far this year is $25,660. Thank you to all the COPA Flights, Flying Associations, and individuals who have stepped up to support the very important work COPA is able to do with the Special Action Fund. But don’t stop, we need a lot more.

If you have any doubt about the value of the SAF to all of us who fly, reread the front page article in the June COPA Flight.

Now I want to tell you a little bit about the committee work that is being done by your Board. When we re-vamped the by-laws last year we removed standing committees from the by-laws and left committees, other than the Executive Committee, to Board Policy. This gives the Board the flexibility to create and dissolve committees as it may require them to do specially focused work outside of Board meetings. Currently we have five active Board committees.

1. The By-laws & Policies committee was busy in 2007 overhauling the COPA by-laws as well as those of the Special Action Fund Inc. and the COPA Flight Safety Foundation. This work was completed and approved at the AGM last July.

The committee also developed a set of 14 Board policies covering most of the activities and areas of concern of the Board of Directors. Since then the committee has been in maintenance mode, making small adjustments to policy as needed from time to time.

Ray Hawco, Director for Newfoundland and Labrador, is Chair and John Davidson, Director for Manitoba and Nunavut, is a member of this committee.

2. The Awards committee was also busy last year developing our new awards program. So far the new program has been very successful with a focus on awarding members and non-members alike throughout the year and presenting many of the awards locally at the recipient’s home base. The committee is now in operating mode and periodically approves the awards on behalf of the Board. Ken Armstrong, Director for BC and Yukon, is Chair of the committee and members are Michel Moreau, Director for Quebec and Paul Hayes, Director for Southern Ontario.

3. The Strategic Planning Committee is responsible for annually reviewing COPA’s strategic plan and recommending to the Board which specific strategies and tactics should be focused on in the coming year. This is very important work in that it keeps the rather large and comprehensive strategic plan developed by the Board in 2006, alive and evolving as we plan for each coming year. Sherry Cooper, Director for Alberta and NWT, is Chair of this committee and members are Frank Hofmann, Director for Quebec, and Ernie McLean, Director for the Maritimes.

4. The Convention Review Committee is currently reviewing our COPA Convention program and will be making recommendations to the Board on how to update the format and make the annual event more attractive to members. Doug Ronan, Director for Southern Ontario, is Chair of this committee and members are Brain Chappell, Director for the Maritimes, and Earl Kickley, Director for Saskatchewan.

5. Last, but not least, is our newest one, the Advocacy Committee. This committee is working on three specific tactics under one of our Strategies having to do with developing more advocacy capability. This is a very forward-looking committee as the need for COPA to be working at many levels and in many regions at once is clearly growing across Canada. The committee will be making recommendations to the Board on possible options going into the new year. Paul Hayes, Director for Southern Ontario, is Chair and members are Ray Hawco, Director for Newfoundland and Labrador, and Terry Wilshire, Director for BC and Yukon.

Being Chair of the Board I am an ex-officio member of each of these committees and I participate on all of them. Some very good work is being accomplished by the Board committees and I would like to thank all of the directors who have volunteered their time, over and above their regular director duties, to work on these committees.

Have a great summer, and keep your prop spinning.