Strong, motivated board is crucial


Our 2008 Board of Director elections are completed and the results are posted on the website and in last month’s COPA Flight.

The bottom line is we will be bidding farewell to two directors and welcoming three new directors. If you have trouble making that balance it’s because our Northern Ontario Board position has been vacant since last year when Peter Martin resigned.

Retiring from the Board in July is Sherry Cooper, director for Alberta and NWT, and John Davidson, director for Manitoba and Nunavut.

Sherry Cooper has been on the board since 1998. Sherry served four years on the Executive Committee holding the positions of Western Vice-Chair and Chair, and she also is Chair of the Strategic Planning committee. Sherry’s experience in the flight training industry and her experience on other boards have been valuable to the COPA Board. During my term as Chair, Sherry provided invaluable assistance to me as our Board Parliamentarian.

John Davidson has been on the board since 1996. John’s extensive experience on other boards and as President of CASARA has proven valuable to us. John did a great job on our By-laws and Policy committee last year when we completely overhauled our by-laws and developed all new Board Policies.

Both Sherry and John have done a great job of representing members on the board. Both are outspoken and raised challenging and thought provoking issues at the board table. We will miss them and we wish them well. They deserve a rest.

I would like to welcome our new Director for Northern Ontario, Marc Charron. Marc attended his first board meeting in Victoria on April 5, where he was appointed to fill the vacant position for the balance of the current term. Marc will be starting his new term, for which he was elected, at the July board meeting.

I would also like to welcome newly elected Directors Bill Beaton, for Alberta and NWT, and Jerry Roehr, for Manitoba and Nunavut. Bill and Jerry will start their terms at the July board meeting in St. Thomas. Bill is already very busy as the Chair of the 2009 Convention committee in Calgary.

Returning to the board by either acclamation or election are Ray Hawco, Newfoundland and Labrador; Ernie McLean, Maritimes; Brian Chappell, Maritimes; Earl Kickley, Saskatchewan; and myself, Alberta and NWT.

I extend a big thank you to Joe Hine for running for election in the Maritimes. I hope you will consider having another go at it in the next term Joe.

A strong, talented and motivated Board of Directors is crucial to any organization, especially a national organization facing the many challenges we are. I can not emphasize more the need for such dedicated volunteers and the need for them to have strong support from the membership. Fifteen directors represent 18,000 members and we each take our job very seriously.

Meanwhile, keep you prop spinning!