Thank you, thank you, thank you


It’s time again to give you an update on last year’s donations to COPA’s Freedom to Fly Fund. Donations to the Fund continued at a strong pace in 2011, totaling $43,402. This is up slightly from $41,272 in 2010.

Individual COPA members donated a total of $22,217. These donations came in varying amounts ranging from $10 to $500 from 545 individual members. In 2010, 725 individuals donated $23,089, virtually the same amount but from fewer members.

I want to thank all COPA Members who donated to the Freedom to Fly Fund and also those who add that extra donation when renewing their membership each year (included in this number).

Our COPA Flights came through again last year. Eleven Flights raised and donated a total of $4,550 - up from $4,060 in 2010. I would like to recognize and thank these Flights for their fund raising efforts:

Flight 23 North Bay, ON
Flight 24 Lethbridge, AB
Flight 33 Arnprior, ON
Flight 59 Cornwall, ON
Flight 70 Oshawa, ON
Flight 75 St. Thomas, ON
Flight 81 Okotoks, AB
Flight 82 Kamloops, BC
Flight 151 Pemberton, BC
Flight 157 Sedgewick, AB
Flight 171 Medicine Hat, AB

Our top fund raising Flight two years in a row is COPA Flight 157 in Sedgewick, Alberta. They raised $1,000 in each of the last two years! Thank you to all 11 of our Flights who raised money in 2011.

We also received generous donations from other aviation associations, aerodromes and aviation businesses totaling $16,635. This is up from $14,124 in 2010.

I would like to recognize these nine contributors and thank them for their donations:

Alberta Flying Farmers Chestermere Air Field Edenvale Aerodrome Inter Provincial Air Tour Manitoba Aviation Tour Pontiac Airpark RAA Calgary Chapter Rednek Air Fly-in Sea Jay Engineering Services Special mention goes to Kroups Milan, owner of Edenvale Aerodrome, who very generously donated $10,000 to the Freedom to Fly Fund. Thank you Kroupa.

I encourage COPA members to fly into Edenvale and when you do, thank Kroupa Milan for his generosity and for making this beautiful aerodrome available to us all.

Thank you to everyone who donated to the Freedom to Fly Fund. Your generous donations make the job of defending your freedom to fly possible. There are many more challenges to our freedom to fly out there which require funding. So please keep those donations coming.

If I missed recognizing any donations please email me, and I apologize in advance. Meanwhile, keep your prop spinning.