A quick look at COPA member benefits

Each time I give a presentation to a COPA Flight there are always lots of questions about our member benefit programs. So I thought it would be a good idea to review our various programs in case you are missing out on something that could be saving you money.

First let me remind you that COPA’s primary mission is one of advocacy in defending your freedom to fly and helping to keep the skies open to personal aviation in Canada. That said, COPA offers various Partner programs which go a long way toward attracting and keeping members as well as augmenting our income which helps us accomplish our primary mission without having to ask too much of our members.

Our Partner programs vary from simple discounts on products or service to offerings that are tailor made for COPA members. I am going to list them in roughly alphabetic order with a brief description of each. If you see something of interest please visit our website and look in the pull-down menu at the top labeled “Member Benefits.”

1. AOPA – COPA members receive a $10 discount off AOPA fees.

2. Car rentals – several rental companies offer a discount off rack rates.

3. COPA Collection – COPA branded products and apparel from VIP Pilot Supplies.

4. ELT – purchase a 406 ELT from Aircraft Spruce Canada and receive a free 1-year COPA membership or renewal.

5. Electronic Flight Log – Free to COPA members from Skymark Technologies.

6. Home and Auto Insurance – The Personal offers special association group rates to COPA members.

7. Hotel discounts – several hotel chains offer corporate discounts to COPA members.

8. Life Insurance – aviation friendly term life insurance through the Magnes Insurance Group.

9. MasterCard – an affinity credit card program through BMO.

10. SPOT – COPA members receive a $49 discount towards flight tracking services.

11. VIP Aviation Insurance – a tailormade aviation insurance program for COPA members from the Magnes Group.

Have a close look at this list and check out any that might save you money. Most of the group programs will save you money.

In addition to offering discounts and special rates to COPA members many of our partners donate to COPA and/or the Freedom to Fly Fund. This extra funding lets COPA do more for you than dues alone can. So please factor this into your decision to use these services or not.

Find out more about these benefits at www.copanational.org

Meanwhile, keep your prop spinning.