How you ranked our services


The results of our 2007 member survey are available on our website for you to look at. It contains some interesting data there. I would like to highlight the results of just one question in the survey.

The question listed eight of the services COPA provides and asked you to rank them in order of importance to you. The eight services are: COPA Aviation Insurance; COPA Website; Annual Convention; COPA Lobbying efforts with Government; Young Eagles; COPA Staff to answer questions by phone and email; COPA Flight Newspaper; and COPA Guides. Some results were a bit of a surprise to me.

Three services clearly stood out as being most important. COPA Aviation Insurance was ranked number one by 32.2 per cent of members answering the survey. COPA Flight was ranked number one by 26.1 per cent of the members and COPA Lobbying was ranked number one by 23.2 per cent. This totals 81.5 per cent of members. The other five services were ranked number one by between 1.7 per cent and 6.6 per cent of the members.

The rankings can be visualized best in the accompanying table.

Although COPA Insurance was ranked first by the largest number of members, it is noteworthy that COPA Flight and COPA Lobbying were also ranked 2 or 3 by a large number of members. So these two services are very highly valued by members.

The informational services, COPA staff to answer questions and COPA Guides, are ranked by most in the middle positions: 3 to 6.

The COPA Website was evenly distributed across all rankings indicating that it does not stand out as a valuable communication service at this time. This supports the results of another question which focused on the usefulness of the website. Some work is needed in this area.

Not surprising is the low ranking of Conventions. Few members make an effort to attend conventions away from their home base.

A surprise is the Young Eagles category which is ranked heavily in the bottom two, 7 and 8. Along with conventions this received a low level of support. It would appear that a relatively small number of members generate a large amount of enthusiasm for flying Young Eagles.

While this is only one question in the survey it does give us a good indication of how we should be distributing our resources. Please go to the website to view the entire survey results.

Meanwhile, keep your prop spinning.


  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
COPA aviation insurance 240 87 49 42 45 50 56 80
COPA Flight newspaper 195 175 120 77 44 19 15 13
COPA lobbying efforts with government 173 147 124 66 58 42 22 17
COPA staff to answer questions by phone and e-mail 49 66 115 97 112 90 69 40
COPA Web site 34 59 78 95 102 86 83 102
Young Eagles 25 37 34 58 84 98 131 161
COPA Guides 17 46 92 127 107 117 81 49
Annual Convention 13 28 23 55 68 105 148 184