A word about committees


With the overhaul of our by-laws this past year the COPA committee structure was reviewed.

Previously a number of committees were defined within the by-laws which is not a good way to do it in my opinion. Committees should be thought of as task forces that are set up to accomplish a task and may or may not be needed on a continuing basis.

We removed all but the Executive Committee from our by-laws and created a Board Policy covering the requirements for and establishment of committees. A very important part of this policy is the requirement to prepare a Terms of Reference document for all committees to insure the committee chair knows precisely what is expected of the committee and what the term is to be.

There are two types of committees. Board committees are created and dissolved by the Board of Directors and are small working groups that do governance or strategic work and report to the Board. Operating committees are created and dissolved by the President/CEO, do operational work and report to the President/CEO.

Board committees are chaired by a Director and members are usually directors but can also include staff or association members. Operating committees can be chaired by a staff member, a director, or COPA member and committee members are usually staff or COPA members.

Currently we have the following board committees active:

  • By-laws Review Committee – This has been active for the past year doing the overhaul on the by-laws and creating board policies. Most of this work was completed in July and approved at the July 5, board meeting. It has a small amount of updating to do on a few things for the next board meeting after which its job will be finished. Ray Hawco, Director for NL, is Chair and John Davidson, Director for MB, is a member.
  • Awards Review Committee – This committee was established in the spring to undertake a review of the COPA Awards program and recommend a revised program to the Board. The committee completed this work and the Board approved the new Awards program at its July 5, meeting. The committee was dissolved at that time. Ken Armstrong, Director for B.C., was Chair and Kevin Psutka, President and CEO, was a member of this committee.
  • Awards Committee – This committee was established at the July 5 Board meeting and will be a quasi-permanent committee to be renewed every two years. The committee is responsible for reviewing and approving, on behalf of the Board, award recipient selections recommended by the staff. Ken Armstrong, Director for B.C., is Chair of the committee and members are: Paul Hayes, Director for S. ON, and Michel Moreau, Director for PQ.
  • Strategic Planning Committee – This committee was established to review the Strategic Plan prepared over the past year and a half by the Board and Staff. Initially the committee will recommend plan updates to the Board and recommend those portions of the strategic plan to be focused on in 2008. The committee will continue working throughout the year to monitor and review the plan. Each year the committee will be renewed and will repeat the process for the following year. Sherry Cooper, Director for AB, is Chair, and members are Frank Hofmann, Director for PQ, and Ernie McLean, Director for the Maritimes.
  • Convention Review Committee – This committee was established to do a comprehensive review of the COPA convention strategies. Our conventions need an overhaul and the committee will report back to the board in the next few months with an analysis of the options available for conventions so that a new convention plan can be developed. Doug Ronan, Director for S. ON, is Chair and members are Brian Chappell, Director for the Maritimes, and Earl Kickley, Director for SK.

As Chair of the Board I am an ex-officio member of each board committee and I participate as much as possible with each one.

Currently we have the following operating committees active:

  • Sea Plane Committee – Made up of experienced float plane pilots this committee looks into float plane issues that develop across Canada and also provides support to the President/CEO regarding regulations affecting float plane operations. This is a quasi-permanent committee Chaired by Ray Hawco, Director for NL, with members Doug Ronan, Director for S. ON, Eric Fauteaux, Steve Nunn, and Kevin Psutka, President/CEO.
  • Neil Armstrong Committee – This committee is responsible for selecting the recipients of the annual scholarships awarded from the Neil Armstrong Scholarship Fund. Trekker Armstrong, son of the late Neil Armstrong, is Chair and his brother Brad Armstrong is a committee member along with COPA’s current Vice-Chairs, Frank Hofmann and Sherry Cooper.
  • Medical Advisory Committee – This is a little different in that it consists of aviation medical examiners who are willing to lend some of their time to advise COPA and its members on aviation medical issues. Committee members are Dr. Randy Knipping and Dr. Brendan Adams. Kevin Psutka, President/CEO coordinates the activities of the medical advisors.
  • Legal Advisory Committee – There are no regular members of this committee. Kevin Psutka acts as coordinator and will provide the names of lawyers practicing in aviation matters who may be able to assist members with legal aviation issues.
  • Special Action Fund – Kevin Psutka, President/CEO, is Chair of this committee. Kevin reviews all Special Action Fund applications with our legal council, Dan Cornel, and then makes recommendations to the Executive Committee regarding funding of legal action for aviation issues.

This is COPA’s current committee makeup. Committees, chairs and members change from time-to-time as positions and needs change. You can find the contact information for each of the committee Chairs on the COPA website. If you have any questions please feel free to contact a committee Chair or myself.

Keep your prop spinning.