Seeking corporate donations


It’s been a few months since I updated you on our Special Action Fund receipts. COPA Flights, individual members and other flying organizations continue to send in contributions.

Our 2008 donations to August 31 total $48,317. This is made up of $20,430 sent in by individual members, $1,447 raised at the COPA Convention in St. Thomas, and $26,440 raised by COPA Flights and other flying organizations.

Here is a list COPA Flights and other flying organizations that sent in money during the summer months:

COPA Flight 14, Buttonville, ON - $500

COPA Flight 28, Burlington, ON - $1,200

COPA Flight 72, B.C. Float Plane Association - $500

COPA Flight 106, Whitehorse, YK - $176

COPA Flight 5/RAA Chapter 85, Delta, B.C. - $3,500

COPA Flight 56, Westport, ON - $150

COPA Flight 23, North Bay, ON - $300

COPA Flight 1, Guelph Flying Club, Guelph, ON - $200

Bush Pilots Association of Quebec - $3,230

Les Amis et Pilotes de St-Mathieu de Beloil, QC - $1,400

Chestermere-Kirkby Field Fly-in Breakfast, AB - $520

COPA Flight 1, Guelph Flying Club, Guelph, ON - $200

Alaska Highway RAA Chapter, Fort St. John, B.C. - $175

Association des Pilots et Proprietaires Hangar, St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC - $500

I wish to thank the members of these groups for recognizing the importance of the Special Action Fund and for raising the money.

I encourage all COPA Flights and flying organizations to continue to look for ways to raise money. Do something fun together and raise money in the process.

I especially want to thank individual members who have sent in donations or who have included a donation with their membership renewal. Personal donations range from $5 to $1,000 and every one is very much appreciated.

The challenges continue. Some months ago I was giving a briefing to a group of pilots and I was asked what we will do with the left over money if we win our big jurisdictional challenge at the Supreme Court (see front page story in June issue of COPA Flight).

I had to chuckle. There seems to be no end to the challenges to flying private aircraft in Canada. Even as I write this I am aware of a new legal challenge developing that will continue to place demands on the Special Action Fund.

You may have noticed in this and previous SAF reports that I have not mentioned corporate donations. That’s because there aren’t any. This is an area we need to work on – you and me.

Surely there are corporations in the aviation sector that have an interest in keeping Personal Aviation alive and well in Canada. Where are the fuel companies, the avionics companies, the AMOs, the aircraft dealers?

Let’s start by letting them know our Special Action Fund is there to keep us flying and continuing to buy their products.

This is something I am going to start addressing. Help me out by spreading the word to companies you buy your aviation products from.

Meanwhile, keep your prop spinning.