A great deal for you and COPA


Do you have a COPA Mosaik MasterCard? If you do, thank you. This is a great way to support COPA. If you don’t, check it out.

The COPA MasterCard offers a number of different reward options just like the card you would get from your bank. The difference is every time you use it to make a purchase COPA receives a contribution from the Bank of Montreal. There is no additional cost to you, but this contribution allows us to do more for you.

You can choose between earning Air Miles or receiving Cash-back for you purchases, with no annual fees. If you’re a big spender you can choose the annual fee option and receive even more Air Miles or Cash-back. With the Cash-back option you can easily get enough back every year to pay for your COPA membership and you’re contributing to COPA at the same time. If the bank is willing to pay you and COPA for using your MasterCard, why not take it?

You might be surprised to learn that more than half of the COPA MasterCard holders are not COPA members. So are we missing something here? It seems BMO pitches our card at trade shows and events and people sign up because they either like the options or the photo of the Diamond Xtreme on the card, or both.

If a friend or someone else in your family is thinking of getting a card, tell them about the COPA card. They will receive rewards for using it and you will benefit from the extra work COPA is able to do.

See all the details on-line at www3.bmo.com/mosaik/copa. You can also go to the COPA website and click on "About COPA", then "MasterCard." Naturally you can apply on-line as well.

I’ve had one for five years and "I don’t leave home without it" (I borrowed that from the other card company). Check it out on-line today.

Meanwhile keep you prop spinning, and buy the fuel on your MasterCard.