Introduction to the Economic Impact Survey of the Calgary Corporate & GA Communities


The Calgary Transportation Authority commissioned this Study in 1998, with direct support from COPA. The study was conducted by an independent contractor - RP Erickson & Associates and was completed in April of 1998. This study is used by COPA as a tool to show communities just what the economic impact of their airport is – how it creates jobs and economic opportunities for the community. The report clearly illustrates why airports are important and why they deserve to be treated as “transportation infrastructure” within the community.

Roads and airports are both “transportation infrastructure”. Most communities have no problem understanding that roads bring prosperity to communities and should not be privatized or subject to fees for use. Most communities realize that to do that would drive business and tourists away and cripple their local economy. These same communities often consider that airports are a “cash cow” and can’t understand why they shouldn’t at least “pay their own way”. Roads don’t directly “pay their own way” and neither should any other “transportation infrastructure” – sewers, sidewalks or airports. This study shows just how much prosperity is on the table when local governments make decisions that cripple their airport.

Please feel free to read the study and use it in your community to help educate your community members – citizens and government officials – to the value of their airport.

An Economic Impact Survey of the Calgary Corporate and General Aviation Communities (MS Word)