New guide, point of contact for COPA For Kids and COPA Flights


We are shifting around some duties at COPA to emphasize these two important programs. Our second year of the COPA For Kids aviation program promises to be an exciting one, with many COPA Flights already having contacted COPA National and they are busy planning their next CFK event.

The Guide to COPA For Kids has been revised (4th edition) to highlight the requirements and procedures for conducting safe and enjoyable events as well as ensuring that the kids are entered into our logbook. This Guide can be found here. We want to encourage every COPA Flight to engage in this program to help promote the future of aviation to our young people.

COPA Flights are the backbone of COPA National and now more than ever your Association needs you to get involved at the local level. There are many issues challenging our sector of aviation in Canada and many are at the local level, such as airspace restrictions and airport closures. To fight these issues and to help promote aviation, we need a strong network of local Flights.

Locate a Flight near you and attend the meetings or form a COPA Flight in your area using our Guide. Patrick Gilligan is your new Point of Contact at COPA National and can be reached at:

We wish to thank the efforts Stephanie Psutka provided during the busy launch year of the CFK aviation program and the hard work managing both COPA Flights and COPA For Kids. Stephanie is leaving to focus on her career as a school teacher. We wish her all the best!