80th Year Celebrated In Grand Style at Canada Aviation & Space Museum in Ottawa

The winner of the 2012 Webster Memorial Trophy Competition is Andrew Curtis Woods, Regional Finalist for Western Ontario and training at Confederation College in Thunder Bay, Ont.  Congratulations to Andrew and congratulations also to Confederation College.

It is intended that the winner will be acknowledged and if possible, presented at the Annual General Meeting of the Air Transport Association of Canada in Vancouver in November.

The 2012 Webster runner-up position is held by Andrew Michael Burns who represents the British Columbia region and is currently flying out of Coastal Pacific Aviation, Abbotsford, BC.

The winner of the competition receives a bronze medallion depicting the Webster Trophy, two tickets anywhere in North America and the Caribbean on the Air Canada system, a top-of-the-line S1Digital Series head-set from Sennheiser (Canada), a professional development day with the elite aerobatic team the Canadian Forces Snowbirds, a cheque from the Air Canada Pilot’s Association, a cheque from the Collegiate Aviation Canada, a framed print of John C. Webster in his Curtiss Rambler signed by the renowned Canadian artist Robert Bradford, a Certificate of Achievement from the Air Transport Association of Canada and a top of the line X-Wind watch from Hamilton Watches.  Andrew Wood’s name will now be placed on the pedestal of the Webster Trophy, which is on permanent display at the Canada Aviation Museum.

Brampton Flight Centre offers a guaranteed position to any Webster winner who acquires a Flight Instructor Rating.

The Flight Schools of the winner and runner-up also receive a Wi-Flight GTA02 Flight Data Recorder and a year of free monitoring from the company.

The runner-up of the competition received a plaque depicting his receipt of the Eunice Carter Memorial Award, an S1 passive series head-set from Sennheiser, a personalized professional log book from Aviation World (Toronto) and a framed print of John C. Webster in his Curtiss Rambler signed by Robert Bradford and an ETO watch from Hamilton Watches. Andrew Burns’ name will now be attached to the base of the Eunice Carter Memorial Award, which is also on display at the Canada Aviation Museum.

The winner of an on-line IFR ground school course from Avinca was won by Robert Forrest representing the Atlantic Provinces and flying out of Greenwood Flight Centre.

All remaining finalists received beautiful plaques depicting their participation in the competition and Khaki Pilot watches from Hamilton Watches. Every finalist also received a one year personalized membership presented by Kevin Psutka on behalf of the Canadian Owners and Pilots Association. All competitors were also presented with personalized lithographs of the Snowbirds in flight, an Online Single-Pilot Resource Management programme module, a one year subscription to WINGS magazine, ground school courses from Centre Québécois de Formation Aéronautique, training courses from Pilotworks.com, as well as gift cards from Aviation World.

Air Canada Flight Operations sponsors the Webster Memorial Trophy Competition and assures that operational costs for the running of the competition along with the travel, accommodations and banquet costs of the finalists are entirely covered. Two passes anywhere in North America and the Caribbean are also presented to the winner.

The Airline Pilots Association provided a cheque of $5,000 to cover the cost of the fam flights for the finalist’s as well as the two flight tests required during the competition. Also included is an additional night of accommodation for those who had to arrive early. 

Jazz, CAE and Nav Canada offer substantial financial support to maintain the high status of the programme.

This year Transport Canada contributed full-motion, full-visual King Air and Citation simulator time to the finalists during Webster Week on Thursday evening. Bombardier offered all our finalists a tremendous evening flying full-motion, full-visual simulators on Friday evening.  A special thank you to all the staff of both organizations who contributed their time.  It was one of the main highlights of Webster Week!

Rockcliffe Flying club at the Rockcliffe Airport in Ottawa was the 2012 host and their contribution and involvement throughout the year in planning the event was exceptional.

A very special thank you must go to Robert Desjardins, who shadowed the team last year during the competition when it was held at Grondair and organized the event this year at RFC. It was due to his unselfish and continuous efforts that this year was such a resounding success.  He could not have done it however without the outstanding help of Brenda Reid, RFC Operations Manager, Jean Rene de Cotret and Mark Braithwaite, senior instructors and especially the volunteers who were always available to help throughout Webster Week to transport the finalists wherever they needed to go. They were Janice Templeman. George McKeever, Bill Young, Mike Shaw and Jim Mantle.

Kathy Fox, senior instructor at RFC must also be acknowledged for her contribution to the modifications applied to this year`s flight tests which reflect a greater move toward precision flying.


Watch video of Webster competition:  http://youtu.be/_uyZ5EsWF-o


The Webster Memorial Trophy Competition Sponsor and Contributors

It is impossible to successfully organize and complete a competition of this magnitude without the willing and enthusiastic support of many people from within the aviation community.  Each one is important for without the assistance of any one of those listed below, the competition would have lost something valuable.

On behalf of the Webster National Administrator, Amy Foy and all of the Webster Team, Arlo Speer, Brian Shury, Kevin Psutka , Wayne Foy and Tim Mell, we wish to sincerely thank the following companies, organizations and people for their participation in the 2012 Webster programme and the celebration of the Trophy`s 80th year of existence:


Air Canada:  specifically Capt. Rick Allen – Senior Director Flight Operations, Capt. Jay Musselman – Director Flight Standards & Quality, Capt. Eddie Doyle – Director Flight Operations, Capt. Rod Graham – Director  of Fleet Operations & Training,  Capt, Dennis Guay – Manager Flight Standards Toronto & 1980 Webster Winner. 


Aerographics Creative Services:

Dave O’Malley - President

Air Cadet League of Canada:

Grant Fabes –  Retired President

Air Canada Pilots Association:

Capt. Paul Strachan – President

Airline Pilots Association:

Capt. Lee Moak – President ALPA Intl – Washington, DC
Capt. Dan Adamus – President ALPA Canada Board

Air Transport Association of Canada:

John McKenne – President
Michael Skrobica – CFO
Wayne Gouveia – VP Commercial & General Aviation

Association Québécoise du Transport Aérien:

Pierre Roulx - President

Aviation World (Toronto):

Steve Neath – Operations Manager


Jean Rene de Cotret
Chris Hobbs


Capt. John Lee – Deputy Chief Instructor  – CRJ/Challenger 800

Brampton Flight Centre:

Rob Carney – CFI
Julie Pomeroy – General Manager

Canada Aviation Museum:

Stephen Quick  – Director-general
Marc Ducharme – Chief of Operations

Canadian Armed Forces Snowbirds:

Lt/ Col Maryse Carmichael – Commanding Officer
Ho. Col Michael Potter
Captain Thomas Edelson – Public Affairs Officer

Canadian Owners and Pilots Association:

Kevin Psutka – President & CEO and Webster Judge
Michel Hell – Publisher/Editor

Centre Québécois de Formation Aéronautique:

Jean LaRoche - Directeur

Collegiate Aviation Canada:              

Lynne McMullen


Lucia Marguglio – Managing Director

Hamilton Watches:

Thomas Sandrin – National Sales manager

Jim Goss & Associates:

Press Agent


Greg & Geoff  McKay – Editors

National Research Council:

Robert Erdos – Chief Test Pilot


John Crichton - CEO
John Morris –Director Communications


Susan Beggs – Chairperson
Kathy Fox - Secretary

Northern Penguin:

Ragi Sekaly - Webmaster

On Line Single-Pilot Resource Management:

Suzanne Kearns – Author


Jeff Mulligan , Nashua, NH


Andrea Shury

Plein Vol:

Diane Autran – Publisher/Editor

Redbird Flight Training Devices:

Charlie Gregoire – VP Sales, Marketing & Services, Austin

Seneca College:

Lynne McMullen – Chair of Aviation Flight Technology

Sennheiser (Canada):

Jean Langlais – President
Tim Mell – Business Director, Aviation Products

The Howes Group:

Brenda Howes - CEO

Transport Canada:

Martin Eley – Director-general Civil Aviation
Ray Beland – Flight training Standards
Martine Dumas – Flight Training Standards
Marc Saulnier – Flight Training Standards
Nick Taylor – Flight Training Standards
Jack Wisnicki – Air Crew Exams,

Vintage Wings:

Michael Potter – Owner
Carolyn Leslie – Hangar Manager


Derek Kredl – Owner
Pascal Gosselin - Owner


Matt Nicholls – Editor
Andrea Kwasnik – Associate Editor
Alison de Groot – Associate Publisher

Words For Sale:

Sheryl Bennett-Wilson – Media Consultant