“Survey Says!” Improving the COPA National website

By Kevin Psutka


This is the second in a series of articles providing feedback on comments made by members in our recent membership survey http://www.copanational.org/files/2012Survey4Website.pdf .

Some suggestions for improvement have cost implications and the COPA Board of Director’s Strategic Planning Committee will be prioritizing them and providing direction for COPA staff. We in turn will report on progress or issues that prevent us from fully implementing some changes.

Articles will be published as progress is made. If you missed the first topic of our ‘’Survey Says!’’ article go to this link http://www.copanational.org/FPAug12-2En.cfm

The topic for this article is “Improving the COPA National website”.

Fifty nine per cent of our members reported that they visit our website at least one to five times per month and another 10% said they visit even more than this. These statistics prove that the site is useful and worth spending time on improving it. Also 89 % find our site to be very useful.

However, in the comments section there were several suggestions for improvement that we take seriously and will endeavor to incorporate.

One common thread was that COPA National’s website is difficult to navigate. We try to find the most logical way to categorize the wide variety of information under menu button selections but our choices may not always be the best. So, here is your chance to improve COPA’s website.

We are asking COPA members to volunteer and join a “COPA Focus Group” to examine how we can improve our website. If you would like to help, please email your contact information to sgoertzen@copanational.org and include what expertise you may have (website design, online marketing, etc…) and you will be added to an online Focus Group Circle, where you can provide input and discuss your perspective on various proposed changes.

It is not necessary to have any particular web skill other than being a user but we will look for a cross section of members to give us a well-rounded team.
As an incentive to step forward, each COPA member who is chosen to participate in COPA’s Focus Group will receive a one year extension to your membership.
“Survey Says’’ upcoming topics:
-COPA membership benefits
-Lobbying and promoting aviation in Canada
-Increasing awareness about aviation
-Providing more French translations
-Keeping cost down and providing discounts for members
-Improving education through local COPA Flights
-COPA National promotion at Flight Schools and other newspapers or magazines