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COPA’s VIP Insurance Plan Discounts & Coverage Benefits


COPA’s Industry Partner and administrator of the COPA Aircraft Insurance Program, The Magnes Group Inc., is pleased to announce that Silver policy holders under the COPA VIP Insurance program can now qualify for further premium discounts by indicating their pilot experience when requesting a quote (new and existing customers at renewal). 

Whether you are getting your quote online or speaking to one of the COPA VIP Insurance Brokers, please be sure to take the extra couple of minutes to answer three questions about your pilot experience.  It could result in significant savings off of your policy premium.

In addition to these discounts new and renewal policies effective August 31st, 2012 and later will automatically get upgraded coverages as follows (for no additional premium):

VIP Gold In Motion Hull & Liability Policy
- Trip Interruption Coverage when an accident occurs away from your home base;
- Extra Expense coverage to cover the additional cost to rent an aircraft following a accident;
- Open Pilot Clause (certain minimum requirements may apply)

VIP Silver Not In Motion &/or Liability Only Policy
- Open Pilot Clause (certain minimum requirements may apply)
- Further pricing discounts.

VIP Bronze
- For pilots who rent or borrow aircraft they do not own. 


Effective March 1, 2014, members under the age of 70 can add $25,000 of Accident Insurance to their COPA VIP policy with AIG for only $30. This coverage protects aircraft owners and pilots 24/7, even when flying.  If this is not enough, members are able to purchase a standalone accident policy with higher limits.

For more information please contact The Magnes Group:

Phone: 1-855-VIP-COPA (847-2672)
Online Quoting: