COPA 2012 survey

We want to know what you think


COPA will be conducting a survey of its members in January 2012.

The survey is to make sure that the association serves its members as best as possible. This is done by asking members for their opinions about aviation issues, the services COPA provides and also by collecting demographic data which enables COPA to better understand who its members are.

The last COPA membership survey was carried out in 2007 and the plan at that time was to follow up with another one five years later to see what has changed and to get new information on what members think about COPA and aviation issues.

As a result of the feedback we received from our survey in 2007, we have made significant improvements to our services. Here are three of these improvements:

1. Since 95% of COPA members indicated that they had internet access and more than half of those who access COPA’s website had indicated the need for the COPA website to be reorganized and improved, the new COPA website went live in June 2009.

2. COPA Flights (local chapters) scored high under the membership benefits question and so we restructured the concept and rekindled the enthusiasm in COPA Flights. Since then, 30 new COPA Flights were formed, over 60 Flights have reactivated their Flight status and local events have grown significantly.

3. COPA members manifested the importance of attracting youth to aviation, so COPA launched its own COPA For Kids Aviation program in February 2010.

The 2012 COPA survey will be conducted by an experienced consultant, Dr. Keith Christopher, from KC Surveys. Once all the completed surveys are returned he will analyze the data received and prepare a report highlighting recommendations for COPA.

The 2012 survey will be done by two methods. A selected sample of COPA members will receive the survey questionnaire by mail with a stamped self-addressed return envelope. Any COPA members who do not receive a paper survey in the mail will be invited to complete the survey on-line on the COPA website.  The on-line version will be available February 7.

All COPA members who complete a paper or on-line survey will be automatically entered in a draw for a Sennheiser S1 headset, the Quiet Revolution from Sennheiser Canada. Additional prizes provided courtesy of COPA, VIP Pilot Centre and Aircraft Spruce Canada. If you don’t complete the survey, you can’t win!

COPA will publish a report of the survey results along with regular updates summarizing our progress in implementing what the survey tells us. This information will be published in COPA Flight and posted on the COPA website. All individual responses will be kept confidential and only summary results will be published.

The COPA 2012 survey was mailed out January 31. The on-line version will be available February 6 through March 12.

Take the survey now.  

Note: If you were selected in the sample for the COPA Membership Survey and received a paper survey in the mail, do not complete this online survey.  If you were NOT selected in the sample and would like to provide your feedback, please proceed.

COPA Membership Survey 2012 (version Française)