Bry the Dunker Guy wins byelection in B.C./Yukon


Bryan Webster, known as Bry the Dunker Guy, has been elected COPA Director for B.C. and the Yukon.

Though only 3.7% of the 4,694 eligible voters in the region bothered to vote, Webster won by nearly twice as many votes as his closest rival.

His duties as board of director for COPA start immediately. The byelection was announced after Director Terry Wilshire stepped down earlier this year due to personal health reasons.

Closing date for voting was Friday June 3, 2011, after which electronic and manual votes were counted and verified by four scrutineers on Monday, June 6.

COPA members Claude Roy, André Durocher, Maurice Prudhomme and John Bogie volunteered to be scrutineers and on Monday confirmed Webster to be the winner of the byelection.

COPA would like to thank the other candidates who stepped up to the plate to run in this byelection; Ken Armstrong, Sigmund Sort and Hardy Staub.