COPA Award winners


COPA Awards recipients are chosen by the Awards Committee and the board of directors from nominations submitted by members. The program is an excellent opportunity to recognize good deeds, large and small, in the Canadian aviation community. COPA accepts nominations for its awards throughout the year.

Here are some of the recipients who have received awards from COPA this year:

President’s Award

Mireille Goyer: To celebrate women pilots’ history, raise awareness of aviation’s opportunities among girls and women and introduce girls and women to aviation.

Seen here is Leslie Page accepting the President's award for Mireille Goyer.

Award of Merit

Gordon Jones: For the many years of instructing and building a flying school at High River and for the change of regulations to VFR which has helped pilots complete their flights.

Keith Brautigam: For his dedication to General Aviation and promoting Ultralight aircraft.

Donald Matheson: For setting up the domain for COPA Flight 45's website and continuous updates and for his informative articles written in the COPA News Flash section of the website.

Elizabeth Murphy aka Lizzy McFly: To recognize her tireless dedication to the advancement of General Aviation in Canada in the face of personal adversity.

Bob Bateman: To recognize his commitment to the promotion of General Aviation and the betterment of his community.

COPA Literary Award

This year’s winner is COPA member David Lamberton Storey of Whitehorse, Yukon Territories for his chilling tale about getting stuck on a remote, ice covered lake in the Yukon and his hard won fight to save his aircraft. His well-written and photographed story provides a great deal of cautionary insight for those who fly on skis. The article was published in the November 2011 COPA Flight on page B-1.

The COPA Literary Award is presented to the person chosen by the editor and publisher of COPA Flight for the best contribution to COPA’s publications during the past year.