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Serving our Communities since 1964 - At flying clubs and meeting halls from Newfoundland & Labrador to Vancouver Island to Canada's Far North, COPA members are coming together to preserve the spirit of flight in their communities. You can help boost community aviation awareness while participating in locally sponsored aviation activities and events as members of a COPA Flight. If you want to start a COPA Flight in your area or want to download the current Guide, click here: COPA Guide to the COPA Flights / Le Guide des Escadrilles COPA

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Please read the COPA Guide to Air Meet

SVP prenez le temps de lire le Guide COPA des Rendez-Vous Aériens

Do you need a Certificate of Insurance for your event?
As long as your COPA Flight is active as per Policy No. 10.3.1 on page 21 of the COPA Guide to the COPA Flights and you announce, advertise or invite specifying “organized by COPA Flight XXX” your event is automatically insured by COPA Air Meet, however please refer to the Certificate of Insurance request form below to find more details regarding what is or what is not covered by COPA Air Meet insurance. You only need a Certificate of Insurance when the owner (Private, Municipal, City, etc...) of the property, airport or aerodrome or others participating in your event requests proof of insurance.  http://www.copanational.org/files/InsuranceCertificateFormBilingual.pdf

Flying Adults & People outside of the COPA For Kids program

COPA Air Meet Insurance is designed to protect COPA National and the Flight's liability and legal defense as organizers of Fly-outs, fly-ins, or any events organized by a COPA Flight.  In addition the COPA Air Meet Insurance provides excess (top off) insurance for the COPA For Kids Aviation Program.  However, this "top off" insurance does not apply to introduction flights to adults & people outside of the COPA For Kids program.  Our insurer and COPA National expects the COPA Flight will apply due diligence to ensure all pilots participating in a COPA Flight event involving the flying of adults as passengers are in accordance to the CARs and additional suggested recommendations:

-Aerobatic maneuvers or other non-standard flying is prohibited, because this is not the intent of introducing people to flying.  -Current Pilot License or Permit, with passenger carrying privilege, for the aircraft being flown -Valid Medical Certificate -Transport Canada recency requirements including minimum of five takeoffs and landings within previous six months in category and class of aircraft to be used -Aircraft must be Canadian registered -All documentation required by Transport Canada on board of aircraft, including proof of public liability insurance and property damage applicable aircraft to be used -Aircraft must be authorized for carrying passengers And -Minimum Combined Single Limit Liability of 1M$, including Passengers 

 To COPA Flights:

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To fill in the Certificate of Insurance request form, download the form and save it to your computer.  
Complete it, save it, then add the form to your email as an attachment.

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Click here to download the COPA Flight Status Update form and send the filled out form to COPAFlights@copanational.org

or mail/fax to: The Canadian Owners and Pilots Association , 75 Albert Street, Suite 903, Ottawa, ON, K1P 5E7
Fax: 613.236.8646


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Download COPA Fly-In Propeller card (Print using two sheets of heavy paper stapled together).