Canadian Homebuilt Aircraft Manufacturers and Distributors


The following companies produce and/or distribute plans and/or kits for homebuilt aircraft in Canada.

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British Columbia


Murphy Aircraft Mfg. Ltd.

Tel.: 604-792-5855;

Fax: 604-792-7006;


Web site:

1- 8155 Aitken Road, Chilliwack, B.C., V2R 4H5

Aircraft models: Renegade II, Rebel, Rebel Elite, Maverick, SR2500, Murphy Moose, Renegade Spirit, JDM-8, Super Rebel




Falconar Avia Inc.

Contact: Chris Falconar

Tel.: 780-465-2024;

Fax: 780-465-2029;


Web site:

7739 - 81 Avenue, Edmonton, Alta., T6C 0V4

Aircraft models: Master X, Mustang, Falconar F9, F10, F11A, F11E, F12A, AMF-S14, Cubmajor, Majorette, Mignet Flying Flea, HM290/293, 360, 380, ARV-1 Golden Hawk, 2/3 Scale Jenny, Ercoupe, Ladybug 380L, Piel Emeraude, Fauvel AV36, AV361, Druine Turbi


Skykits Corporation

Contact: Eric Giles

Tel: 403-816-4735;

Fax: 403-203-9210;


Web site:

525 Douglas Glen Point S.E., Calgary, Alberta, T2Z 3P9

Aircraft models: STOL Savannah




Blue Jay Aircraft

Contact: Ken Spratley

Tel.: 905-655-4547

3975 Kinsale Rd., Kinsale, Ont., L0B 1C0

Blue Jay, Model 20, Tyro UL Sport


Canadian Home Rotors

Tel.: 807-222-2474;

Fax: 807-222-2209;

Web site:

PO Box 370, #4 Roy St., Ear Falls, Ont., P0V 1T0

Safari (formerly Baby Belle)


Canadian Light Amphibians

Contact: John Dunlop

Tel.: 519-925-6419;


Web site:

61 Maplewood dr., Shelburne, Ontario, L0N 1S5

SeaRey amphibian kits and accessories


Custom Flight Ltd

Contact: Morgan Williams Jr.

Tel.: 705-526-9626;

Fax: 705-526-2529;

E-mail:; Web site:

129 Eighth Con. RR #1, Perkinsfield, Ont., L0L 2J0

Northstar, Bright Star, NS6 Galaxie, Lite Star


Can-Zac Aviation Inc.

Contact: David Barth

Tel.: 519-591-7601;


Web site:

General Delivery P.O. Box 168 Alma, Ontario. N0B1A0

CH601, CH701, Super STOL CH801


L’il Hustler

Contact: Dave Loveman

Tel.: 905-836-7588;


Web site:;

92 River Rd., P.O. Box 1710, Holland Landing, Ont., L9N 1P2

The L’il Buzzard, L'il Hustler, L'il Hustler SS




Aviation Normand Dube Inc.

Contact: Normand Dube

Tel.: 450-478-4375

215 Lepage, Ste-Anne des Plaines, Que., J0N 1H0

Aircraft models: Aerocruiser - 80 hp, 180 hp, 450 hp, 100 hp


Ballard Sport Aircraft Ltd.

Contact: Serge Ballard,

Tel: 819-563-5847;

Fax: 819-829-5677;

Web site:

2696 du Pimbina, Sherbrooke, Qc, J1r 0G3

Aircraft models: Pelican Sport AULA, Pelican Sport 600


Canadian Light Aircraft Sales & Services

Tel.: 450-452-4772;

Toll Free: 888-977-1447;

Fax: 450-452-2694;


Web site:

880 St-Fereol, Les Cedres, Que., J7T 1N3

Bush Caddy


Dream Aircraft

Tel.: 450-372-9929;

Fax.: 450-372-8122


Web Site:;

565 Maisonneuve Granby, QC J2G 3H5