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Homebuilders of kit aircraft or scratch-built aircraft,
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Minister’s Delegates-Recreational Aviation (MD-RA)

Welcome to the world of amateur aircraft. MD-RA is here to assist amateur aircraft builders in any way possible.

MD-RA is a Transport Canada external delegation of authority program operated. MD-RA is responsible for amateur-built aircraft only.

MD-RA inspectors perform inspections on aircraft under construction and, upon completion, issue the initial Special Certificate of Airworthiness and a flight authority with certain restrictions. Once the aircraft is complete and flying, the files are transferred to the Department of Transport.

Step 1: Once you have decided to build an aircraft, you must inform the Minister of Transport of your intent. MD-RA is the delegated authority to receive and register your intent on behalf of the Minister. The registration is accomplished by filling out the online Letter of Intent with the appropriate payment.

Step 2: When the aircraft is at a point where an inspection becomes necessary, you will complete the online “Request for Inspection” with the appropriate payment. You will be sent a receipt and a notice detailing the name of your inspector and how to contact him to arrange a suitable inspection time. Upon completion of every inspection, the inspector will leave you with a document commonly called a “snag sheet,” detailing any corrective measures required, and stating the next inspection required.

You are required to correct any deficiencies prior to any subsequent inspection and to sign the “snag sheet” indicating you have done so. There are two mandatory inspections, those being the Pre-Cover and Final.

Step 3: When you reach the happy stage of completing the final inspections, you will receive a flight permit, and you will then be able to fly your dream. At this point, your records are transferred to the Department of Transport, and further modifications, repairs, etc., must be coordinated with them.


Listing of Amateur-Built Aircraft Kits

A list is available for amateur-built aircraft kits. This listing is only representative of those kits where the kit manufacturer/distributor requested an evaluation by the Department of Transportation for eligibility and should not be construed as meaning the kit(s) are “certified,” “certificated,” or “approved.”  

Information Sharing

As a service to the amateur building community, we will list the names of builders who wish to share information concerning their projects and experiences. Participation is entirely voluntary and no fees will be charged.


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