The circle of flight


On the way home from Oshkosh this year I made my usual stop in Gore Bay, Ontario, at CYZE, to clear Customs and refuel. There are always smiling faces (including Customs officer Sue), a courtesy car is available to visit the area and fuel prices are competitive.

The airport has recently been entirely repaved, including lengthening the runway to 5500 feet.

Airport Manager Robby Colwell is an enthusiastic supporter of aviation and of COPA with great plans for continuous improvement to his airport such as additional hangars, attracting more aviation businesses to the field and eventually a new terminal building. I highly recommend a stop here.

While I was paying for fuel with my COPA Mastercard,2273,35649_79039510,00.html Robby remarked that in the course of a year he only sees about 10 of these cards presented for fuel purchase and he wished there would be more. He reached in his pocket and flashed out his own COPA Mastercard saying “We’re an airport and our captive market is pilots, so why are we not seeing more of these cards?”

Robby gets it. He understands the connection between the use of our credit card and the future of his airport. Every purchase made with COPA’s MasterCard brings, at no additional cost to you, revenue to COPA. We apply this non-dues revenue against the cost of running COPA such as paying staff who advocate for your freedom to fly, including reminding governments that GA airports like Gore Bay remain a critical part of our national transportation system.

As taxpayer money is applied to airports, it decreases pressure to charge fees, which in turn reduces your costs and encourages you to use these airports, in turns brings business to airports like Gore Bay, which in turn ensures that airports like Gore Bay remain viable and available as a destination for our sector of aviation.

So, Robby’s remark spurred me to write about the importance of supporting COPA through the use of our Affiliate MasterCard as well as use of our other revenue generating programs. The more revenue we can generate through these programs the better we can do our job and a side benefit is that it also keeps your dues as low as possible so that you can spend your money on flying.

Elsewhere in this edition of COPA Flight and in a letter sent to each member you will learn about our revamped and renamed VIP Aviation Insurance Program, a prime example of our work to keep your costs as low as possible.

I hope you will purchase our insurance, not only because we worked hard to develop the best program possible but also because for every dollar spent, our broker Magnes will invest in COPA. And if you purchase our insurance with a COPA MasterCard, we will receive additional revenue.

Another great way to support COPA, with triple benefits, is the COPA Collection We receive revenue from every purchase. Use of our MasterCard for payment increases the revenue and the third benefit is that wearing our articles of clothing helps to promote awareness about COPA.

Our Home and Auto Insurance affiliation with ThePersonal has proven to be a winner with members who have given it a try. It is easy to get a quote. I am a good example. I saved over $900 per year on my insurance by switching to ThePersonal. And COPA benefits from the financial contribution that The Personal makes each year from my premium.

Subscribing to and making use of our revenue generating programs brings money to COPA, which in turn helps us advocate for your freedom to fly and keep your costs as low as possible. Also, a portion of your expenditures is kept within aviation working for aviation. It is kind of like the circle of life; I’ll call it the circle of flight.