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Opportunities to Meet the COPA President


Here are upcoming events at which COPA President and CEO Kevin Psutka will speak. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn about COPA issues and opportunities and to provide your comments directly to the President.



COPA logo June 21, Peterborough, ON (CYPQ): The COPA 2014 Annual General Meeting is just around the corner. It is taking place at the Peterborough Airport. Join us for a fly-in breakfast, seminars, the Annual General Meeting and the Awards presentation. To pre-register please email or call 1-866-840-2830.

COPA logo June 28, Waterloo Air Show, (CYKF): Attendance as a guest only. Contact Kevin Psutka to arrange a time to meet during the show.

COPA logo June 30, Gatineau, QC, (CYND): Vintage Wings The Hadfield Summit. COPA will have an aircraft on display.

COPA logo July 6, Bancroft, ON (CNW3): COPA Flight 119, Annual Fly-in Pancake Breakfast from 08:00 until noon. Held in conjunction with the Town of Bancroft’s annual Water, Wheels and Wings weekend. Festivities in town all weekend. Static Displays, Vintage Cars. Jet A and 100LL available by credit card. No landing or tie down fees. Camping allowed on the airport. For more information, please contact Gary Gaudreau at

COPA logo July 27-31, Oshkosh, WI: Attendance as an industry attendee only. Contact Kevin Psutka to arrange a time to meet during the show.