COPA Special Action Fund

Corporate Sponsorship Program

December 2008


The purpose of this program is to encourage companies that benefit from General Aviation to financially support the COPA Special Action Fund (SAF) through sponsorships and in exchange COPA will recognized them in COPA Flight, on the COPA Web Site, and encourage members to patronize them.

COPA is the largest aviation organization in Canada with 18,000 members of whom 77% are aircraft owners. Part of our mission is to protect the rights of these pilots and aircraft owners to fly their aircraft and to maintain private aerodromes. In doing so, by association we are also protecting the rights of the rest of the 35,000 pilots and 29,000 aircraft owners operating in the General Aviation sector. Funding from the Special Action Fund is critical to the success of this mssion.

1. Four levels of sponsorship will be recognized:

  • Platinum - $10,000 & over
  • Gold - $5,000 to $9,999
  • Silver - $1,000 to $4,999
  • Bronze - $500 to $999

2. On our “Will you have a place to land tomorrow?” page in our monthly COPA Flight membership publication we will highlight and identify sponsors by level in a special table designed to draw attention to the companies in order of their contribution level. 

3. The length of time the listing will appear in COPA Flight will depend on the sponsorship level:

  • Platinum – 12 months
  • Gold – 6 months
  • Silver – 3 months
  • Bronze – 1 months 

4. The following heading will appear beside the table, “These sponsoring companies are supporting your freedom to fly – show your appreciation by patronizing them.”

5. The same information will be featured on the COPA web site for the same length of time. 

6. To become a sponsor complete the Corporate Sponsorship form and send it to the COPA office today.