Answers to the 2010 Self-Paced Study Program


1. year, month, day, hour and minutes

2. 22:02 Mountain Daylight Time

3. extricate any person; prevent destruction by fire or other cause; avoid danger to any person or property

4. PPR: Obtain the aerodrome operator’s permission prior to use. PNR: Notify the aerodrome owner or operator prior to use in order that current information on the aerodrome may be provided.

5. Bearing and heading information to the site.

6. No.

7. The identification of the ATS unit (FSS or FIC) controlling the RCO, the aircraft identification and the name of the location of the RCO followed by R-C-O in a non-phonetic form.

8. 122.75.

9. above ground level (AGL); above sea level (ASL).

10. Unorganized scattered clouds are forecast based at 3 000 ft ASL with tops at 5 000 ft ASL.

11. From the 28th day of the month at 1200Z to the 29th day of the month at 1200Z.

12. Wind shear is forecast to exist in the layer from the surface to 1 100 ft AGL, with the wind at the shear height of 270° true at 50 kt.

13. Wind light and variable, temperature -15°C.

14. YXU (London VOR) 090° radial at 10 NM.

15. Inform ATC of this fact, since acknowledgement of the clearance alone will be taken by a controller as indicating acceptance.

16. Class C requires a clearance, Class D requires communication.

17. 14 lbs or 6.4 kg.

18. The ATS unit will activate the flight plan or flight itinerary, using the estimated time of departure (ETD) as the actual time of departure (ATD).

19. No.

20. broadcast.

21. 15 NM.

22. 406 MHz.

23. under “Aeronautical Information Products”.

24. NOTAM, VFR chart updating data, VFR chart.

25. Information concerning the establishment, condition or change in any aeronautical facility, service, procedure or hazard.

26. 60

27. Complete a flight review with an instructor, attend a safety seminar conducted by Transport Canada, participate in an approved recurrent training program, complete this self-paced study program, complete a pilot proficiency check (PPC), complete the requirements for the issue or renewal of a licence, permit or rating, or complete the written exam for a licence, permit or rating.

28. ± 50 ft

29. 24 hours; be assessed by a health-care provider

30. List might include kits, basic survival manual and other resources.

31. Hold in all free lines, control lines and hoses to avoid entanglement

32. no less than the greater of (i) 100 ft, and (ii) the greatest dimension of the balloon, be it the length, width or height, plus 25 percent.

33. the first day of the month following the day on which the medical examination for the issuance or renewal of the certificate is conducted.

34. minimum sink speed

35. 70 kt. Add an amount equal to half the gust factor of 10 kt.

36. 10 kt.

37. Stay above the rising snow and wait until solid references appear beneath the aircraft.

38. lowering the collective

39. training

40. high; small