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Meet the COPA staff - Kevin Psutka, COPA's President and CEO



Kevin Psutka joined the staff of the Canadian Owners and Pilots Association as its executive vice-president in September 1996. He was subsequently promoted to president and chief executive officer.

Kevin’s aviation career began when he learned to fly as an air cadet. He joined the military and studied engineering at Royal Military College while training as an air navigator. He flew on CF-101 Voodoos until re-entering civilian life in 1981. He then obtained a Master’s degree in Business Administration and subsequently held aviation-related positions at Canadian Marconi, Transport Canada MBB Helicopter and Andrew Antenna. During this time, he flew private aircraft extensively for business travel. Just prior to coming to COPA, Kevin was the general manager as well as manager of the Technical and Air safety Division at the Canadian Air Line Pilots Association.

In 1984, Kevin joined the Canadian Forces Air Reserve, where he was employed as a pilot and amassed 1,800 hours flying helicopters. In all, Kevin has over 4,000 hours experience in fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft, is instrument rated and commercially licensed.

Besides his responsibilities for managing COPA’s affairs, Kevin represents members interests to the government, at Transport Canada, Nav Canada and to other associations. He represents Personal Aviation on the Nav Canada Advisory Committee, providing input directly to the Nav Canada Board of Directors on issues affecting our sector. In addition, Kevin is the vice-president for North America in the International Council of Aircraft Owners and Pilots Associations (IAOPA), providing input at the international level on issues that may affect Canadians through ICAO initiatives.