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Transborder Operations (Customs and SFA)


UPDATE REGARDING BASIC MED: On May 1st, 2017, new regulations will come into effect which allow American pilots to act as Pilot-in-Command of small aircraft under a new regime of medical certification, or BasicMed. COPA has been getting numerous queries about the implications for U.S. pilots operating in Canada, particularly those looking to transit to or from Alaska and the lower 48 states.

Transport Canada has advised COPA that due to BasicMed’s status as a non-ICAO compliant medical certificate, it is not recognized by Transport Canada and cannot be used to fly into or through Canadian air space.”


Cross Border Survey 2015

Survey Image

COPA alerted its members to the creation of an additional procedure being developed by the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) for crossing the border in a Personal Aircraft. We would like to emphasize that no changes have been made to the existing requirements.

COPA highlighted that the fundamental issue is the elimination of duplication. Since all pilots must complete the US eAPIS reports for entering and exiting the US, it would be a relatively simple extension for the US to send information to Canada for their security purposes.

To provide data to CBSA, COPA conducted a survey in collaboration with AOPA and supported by APBQ, EAA US and EAA Canada. 

Click here for the survey results.


American pilots flying to Canada


Canada Customs

Guide to Cross Border Operations (members only) - PDF Format

Airports of Entry (English)

CANPASS Only Airports (English)

Airports of Entry (French)

Clearing Customs in Brandon


US Customs

US Customs Ports of Entry


Special Flight Authorizations

For Canadian Ultralights and Amateur-Builts To Fly In The USA and For US Amateur-Builts to Fly in Canada.

FSAW0303 FAA order Regarding Owner Maintenance Aircraft

US FAA Special Flight Authority for Canadian Ultralight Aircraft Operating in The United States

US FAA Special Flight Authority for Canadian Amateur-Built Aircraft Operating in The United States

Standardized Validation Of A Special Airworthiness Certificate - Experimental, For The Purpose Of Operating A United States - Registered Amateur-Built Aircraft In Canadian Airspace