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Ultralight Regulations

  • Ultralights are governed in Canada by CAR 602.29 and also by the Transport Canada Ultralight Transition Strategy (UTS), an interim set of rules in effect until they are incorporated in the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs).

Ultralight Information

Passenger carrying in basic ultralights

  • The current rules do not allow passengers to be carried in Basic Ultralight Aircraft in Canada, but there are several situations that allow two people to fly together.

AULA markings

  • Back in 1991, when the Advanced Ultralight was introduced, they were all registered as C-F or C-G airplanes to distinguish them from the basic C-I ultralights.

Ultralights and not-so-advanced ultralights

  • Recently there have been several cases of COPA members buying aircraft that they believe are, or could be, Advanced Ultralights (AULA).

Differences between Basic and Advanced Ultralights

  • COPA we regularly get asked about the differences between these two types of aircraft by potential ultralight builders.

Most popular ultralights

  • We often hear fans of particular ultralight designs making claims that their model of airplane is “the most popular ultralight in Canada”.

Your AULA could get too fat

  • Recently COPA has received some questions about empty weights for Advanced Ultra-light Aeroplanes (AULAs) that shows that there is some confusion here.

Ultralight Placards

  • I was recently at a fly-in where there were lots of ultralight airplanes. While walking around and admiring all the ultralights I noticed that not one of them had the required placard installed on it.