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Why Join COPA?

Bringing dreams to flight

As the recognized voice of general aviation in Canada, the Canadian Owners and Pilots Association, a non-profit organization has spent five decades supporting and defending the right of Canadians to enjoy the freedom of Canadian airspace. Since its founding in 1952, COPA has been dedicated to opening doors and removing barriers to the growth of aviation. COPA raises the awareness of important issues facing the flying community, promotes air safety through education and works to lower the cost of flying.

Ten important reasons why Canadian pilots should be members of COPA

By joining COPA you support an association that:

  • Works diligently to protect your rights and privileges to enjoy the freedom of Canadian airspace.
  • Strives for a minimum number of regulations and the reduction of government control over General Aviation.
  • Attempts to lower the cost of flying to make General Aviation a more practical means of personal transportation for Canadians.
  • Communicates on a daily basis with government departments to make legislators and regulators aware of the importance of drafting only progressive rules and regulations.
  • Promotes greater air safety through education and information.
  • Assists all other General Aviation organizations to meet their respective aims and objectives.
  • Believes in giving all members their say in how the organization should be run.
  • Helps to make the benefits of General Aviation more understandable and acceptable to the public in order to garner their support.
  • Is dedicated to improve flying facilities from coast to coast.
  • Supports you, the COPA Member

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