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COPA, AOPA and IAOPA - Keeping our Borders Open

Mark Baker & Kevin Psutka

AOPA-US and IAOPA President Mark Baker (left) and COPA President Kevin Psutka

By Kevin Psutka, COPA President and CEO

There is much more to protecting your freedom to fly than simply advocating in Canada and so COPA participates at the international level in a network of personal aviation organizations like COPA.

Starting close to home, COPA maintains close ties with our US counterpart, the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. Shortly after Mark Baker took the reins at AOPA, I met with him to check on his interest and priorities in Canada. I learned that Mark has a personal interest in maintaining our border as open and hassle free as possible because he has a vacation property here and travels by floatplane from the US to get there. Mark pledged to keep working closely with us on trans-border issues.

Recognizing the value of working closely together, COPA members have access to AOPA’s Pilot Information Center for assistance and information on flying in the US and AOPA members can also contact COPA staff for assistance with flying in Canada, including having access to our Guide to Cross-border Operations.

In addition to mutual assistance, COPA members can subscribe to the AOPA Pilot magazine and have access to the member-only website by contacting AOPA at 1-301-695-2000. When you give them your COPA member number, you will be entitled to a special annual rate of $59US compared with other international subscribers who pay $65US.

COPA’s involvement goes even further afield than the US because the rules affecting us here typically are driven by the International Civil Aviation Organization. Consequently, the International Council of Aircraft Owner and Pilot Associations is there to ensure that our sector’s needs are considered. I am the Vice President for North America and COPA member Frank Hofmann is the IAOPA representative to ICAO. Please see Frank’s articles for a detailed explanation of the importance of IAOPA and the work it does for your freedom to fly.

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