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COPA Emergency Medical Travel Program now available

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Puhl Employee Benefits Inc. is pleased to announce a new affinity program available immediately to all COPA members.

The Emergency Medical Travel (EMT) Program, underwritten through SSQ Insurance, has been exclusively designed by COPA and has been customized to meet the specific needs of the COPA memberships and their families. In addition to regular EMT plan coverages, designed to cover emergency medical costs outside of your province of residence, this program includes coverage for the pilot and all dependent family members while you are piloting an aircraft in the event of an indiscriminate landing.

Current travel plans available to the general public do not provide coverage while piloting an aircraft. In the event of an indiscriminate landing outside your province of residence you would be personally responsible for all medical expenses incurred.

The COPA EMT program covers this risk for an annual fee of $249.00. This includes coverage for all dependent family members as well.

Insured: Clients under age 70, three months pre-ex ages 65-70.*

Coverage: emergency injury or sickness while travelling outside of their province of residence.  All trips up to 45 days per trip maximum.

Pilots for commercial and non-commercial use. The aircraft wording under excess medical reads:
Owned aircrafts, pilots and passengers.

Maximum $1,000,000 per injury or sickness per person including benefits for:

$1,000 - Ambulance ground
$15,000 - Medical evacuation            
$5,000 - Repatriation due to death
$5,000 - Family transportation
$500 - Return of vehicle            
$1,000 - Hotel convalescence

SSQ Insurance provides traveling member’s worldwide emergency assistance services 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

One phone call to one of the numbers listed on your Puhl/SSQ Travel membership card connects you to a network of multilingual specialists who will assist you with medical, personal and travel related problems when away from home.

*Immediate (as soon as possible) Notification of situations to SSQ is required for coverage to begin.

Tel: 1-866-783-9473 - USA / Canada
Tel: 1-514-285-8195 – Outside of USA & Canada

(Please check on how to dial international calls to Canada from the area you are in.)

Puhl Employee Benefits Inc. is the licensed agent presenting the program and will be providing the marketing and servicing of the program.

Online enrolment is accessible at Or, call  1-855-234-3808 to reach an agent who can answer your questions and assist with enrollment, claims etc.

Puhl Employee Benefits head office is located in Calgary, Alberta and has several branches in other provinces. COPA Travel is designed for pilots’ special need, providing you tremendous value through your COPA membership.

As with all Association programs, success is only achieved in the members of the Association support the program. We ask that all of you take a close look at this offering to see if it is a program that would meet your requirements.

We look forward to providing this program to the COPA membership and will do all that we can to earn your loyalty.

Please visit and bookmark us!

Mailing Address:  #309, 259 Midpark Way SE - Calgary AB - T2X 1M2
Toll-free:1-855-234-3808 (MST) or Fax: 587-387-2096

*Exclusions and Limitations

This policy does not cover loss (fatal or non-fatal) or expenses caused by or resulting from:

Applicable to ages 65-70:

-any condition for which the Insured Person received medical advice, consultation or treatment within three (3) months prior to the commencement of a Trip, with the exception of a Chronic Condition which is under treatment and Stabilized by the regular use of prescribed medication;

"Chronic Condition" means a disease or disorder which has existed for a minimum of six (6) months.

"Stabilized" means there has not been a change in the medical condition requiring medical or psychiatric intervention for a minimum of six (6) months.