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 COPA Needs your help! 

Your association is asking you to contact your Federal Member of Parliament to request their support against the proliferation of Wind Turbine tower in the vicinity of airports and aerodromes across Ontario and Canada. This is an issue of SAFETY to pilots and the Minister has the authority to intervene. 

Click here for more information.

COPA 2016 Yarmouth Convention

Over 180 delegates took part in the Convention this past weekend in Yarmouth.  The new Board was introduced to the members and the retiring Board members thanked for all their work.  All the seminars were well attended and everyone had a great time.  
The new Executive Committee is:
Chair:  Jean Messier
Eastern Vice-Chair:  Brian Chappell
Western Vice-Chair:   Bram Tilroe
Secretary:  Jim Bell
Treasurer:  Jonathan Beauchesne 

Chris Hadfield Greetings to Yarmouth Delegates

COPA AGM Seminars link

Proud Ontario COPA Flights!

 COPA National will be highlighting the efforts of COPA Flights that have a real authentic passion, exhibit pride and enthusiasm towards COPA National by promoting their association with COPA National in a conspicuous way on their website. The first of the series, are the Ontario COPA Flights, because I was inspired to start this endeavor by one COPA Flight in Ontario. Click on photo

I hope to capture all the COPA Flights if I forgot any, please do not hesitate to send me your link or update your COPA Flight status online

 Changes with COPA Flight coming/Changements à venir au COPA Flight

COPA is excited to announce that as of April 25th, we are partnering with Canadian Aviation Publishing (CAP). Starting with the next July issue, COPA Flight will become a full colour magazine format (8 1/2" X 11") and sent to all COPA members.  

As of today, the contacts are now:
Editing: Russ Niles,  250-546-6743
Advertising: Katherine Kjaer,  250-590-5331

Any other questions or enquiries can be directed to Bernard Gervais, COPA Pres & CEO, 613-236-4901 x.102

COPA est fière d’annoncer qu’à compter de 25 avril, elle s’associe à Canadian Aviation Publishing (CAP). À compter de juillet prochain COPA Flight sera en format magazine (8 ½" X 11"), tout en couleur et distribué à tous les membres COPA.   

À compter d’aujourd’hui, les contacts sont (en anglais seulement pour l’instant):
Édition: Russ Niles,
Publicité: Katherine Kjaer,

Toute autre question ou commentaire peuvent être adressés à Bernard Gervais, Prés. 613 236-4901 p. 102

 Jan 15 UPDATE

COPA's and partners' work has come through. Amended NOTAMS are now public. Things are back as they were before, please contact COPA if you have questions.

Le travail de COPA et ses partenaires a porté fruit.  Les NOTAMS amendés sont maintenant publics.  Contactez COPA si vous avez des question.

Click here to read an interesting article from CBC News "FAA banned Canadian private planes from US airspace for 1 month"

Donate to the Freedom to Fly Fund today

Given the considerable challenges we continue to face against our freedom to fly, we urge everyone to consider donating to the Freedom to Fly Fund. 

Click here for examples of how the Freedom to Fly Fund has been applied to date.

Downloadable COPA Freedom to Fly Fund Donation Form MS Word format / PDF Format

Automatically donate to the Freedom to Fly Fund each month. MS Word format / PDF Format

Freedom to Fly Fund Corporate Sponsor form





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