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The COPA Convention and Tradeshow 2017 is being held June 23-24 in Kelowna, BC.

Click here to visit the COPA Convention and Tradeshow website for information on hotels, camping and the agenda. 

Be sure to click here to register for this event.  The $57.00 member/$87.00 non-member registration fee includes the COPA Update and AGM, access to the trade show and seminars as well breakfast and lunch Friday and Saturday.  Registration for Saturday only is $47.00.

                  2017 Membership Survey Results

The results of the 2017 COPA Membership Survey are in and they include some very interesting data!

The survey asked members about their flying, aircraft ownership, use of computers, COPA policies and programs, COPA Flight newspaper, aviation issues, age, income and other member demographics.  

Click here to view the final survey report.

 Another milestone and precedent in preserving our freedom to fly!

Just before Christmas, Quebec Superior Court reversed a judgment from a municipal court in Lévis, QC.   The issue was once more an entity trying to do indirectly what it could not do directly: to decide the outcome and the fate of an aerodrome (i.e. aeronautics), when only the Federal Government can do so.  The airport has been there for something like fifty years and they recently started skydiving activities.  That’s when the city passed a bylaw prohibiting skydiving, building hangars without permits, and so on.  The municipal judge had concluded something to the effect that “recreational skydiving was not part of the core of aeronautics”, thus the city could levy fines and impose what it wanted.  

Not yet translated into English, the judgement can be found here.  

The conclusion of the Superior Court Judge is the following (my translation):

[165] The trial judge erred in law in concluding that the skydiving activities in issue were not at the core of federal aeronautical jurisdiction, and consequently, rejecting the doctrine of inter-jurisdictional immunity.

[166] It is also concluded that the by-laws of the City of Lévis prohibiting the conduct of skydiving activities, including facilities related to skydiver training activities (the Zoning Regulations and the Regulations on permits and Certificates) constitute an obstacle to the federal power over aeronautics. Consequently, these regulations must be declared inapplicable against the appellant.

COPA had been following closely for over a year. Among others, the COPA Supreme Court judgements (2010 SCC 39 and 2010 SCC 38) from 2010 were cited as a jurisprudence.

This was a totally independent initiative not covered or helped by our Freedom to Fly Fund.  

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Unregistered Aerodrome Repository (Responsible Aerodrome Development)

Données d'aérodromes non enregistrés (développement responsable des aérodromes)

This information pertains to unregistered aerodromes, in existence prior to January 1st 2017.

Click here for the instructions
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L’information s'applique aux aérodromes non-enregistrés, en existence avant le 1er janvier 2017.

Cliquez ici pour les instructions
Cliquez ici pour le Formulaire

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