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AIG & The Magnes Group will be hosting a live webinar on UAVs

April 1, 2015

April 24th at 1:00 pm EST, AIG & The Magnes Group will be hosting a live webinar introducing COPA members, non-members, pilots and UAV operators to the new reality of sharing the skies with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

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COPA at Air Venture 2015

This is COPA’s first official invitation to all Canadian Pilots at Air Venture and is brought to you by AIG and the Magnes Group.

Refreshing root beer floats  will be offered to satisfy your thirst after your full day of gawping at Aviation’s finest and newest products.

Prizes will be raffled off with the Grand Prize of an iPAD Mini 64gb and a one year subscription to ForeFlight Canada going to one lucky winner.

Special Guests are being invited and hopefully will come speak to our crowd of Canadian Aviators.

Don’t miss out! Mark your calendar! Attend COPA’s "All Canadian Pilots Reception 2015" (spouses and friends are also invited).

See you Tuesday July 21st between 17:30 and 19:30, under the Partner Resource Center tent on the North side of the Exhibit Hangar A.

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Starting April 1, 2015, COPA's Membership Campaign

COPA membership campaign 2015

For every Member (new or membership expired before 31 December 2013) that you recruit during the 2015 membership campaign, your name will be entered into a draw for a 5 day trip for two to Whitehorse, Yukon.

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À chaque membre (nouvelle adhésion ou renouvellement d’une adhésion expirée avant le 31 décembre 2013) que vous recrutez durant la campagne de recrutement 2015, votre nom sera entré dans un tirage pour un voyage de cinq (5) jours pour deux personnes à Whitehorse, Yukon.

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VFR Phraseology Guide / Guide phraséology VFR

In collaboration with its aviation partners, NAV CANADA has released a VFR Phraseology guide for pilots travelling in Canadian airspace.

This comprehensive and easy-to-use reference guide offers examples of best practices for pilot-controller communications and recommended phraseology to enhance pilot safety.

The VFR Phraseology guide is available in both official languages on the NAV CANADA website and can be accessed here. 

En collaboration avec ses partenaires du milieu de l’aviation, NAV CANADA a publié un guide de phraséologie VFR pour les pilotes qui évoluent dans l’espace aérien du Canada.

Ce guide de référence détaillé et convivial offre des exemples de pratiques exemplaires en matière de communications contrôleur-pilote et la phraséologie recommandée pour accroître la sécurité des pilotes.

Le guide de phraséologie VFR est disponible dans les deux langues officielles sur le site Web de NAV CANADA. Vous pouvez y accéder ici.


New Member Benefit

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Neuville Aéro - A story of Courage and Determination

By Patrick Gilligan, Vice-President of Operations | December 18, 2014

Harassment, antagonism, media misinformation, court and political battles all the way to the House of Commons, initiated by a small vocal group, has not deterred Neuville Aéro from their objective of providing a General Aviation quality reliever airport for Québec Jean Lessage International airport all within a half hour from downtown, a tourism jewel that many Canadian and US pilots enjoy visiting and spending tourist dollars.

The City of Neuville hobbled the owners by suing Neuville Aéro for contravening to a Municipal By-Law. Notwithstanding how much consultation and due diligence the owners did, including a signed Memorandum of Understanding with the City of Neuville, the City has decided to prosecute.

This recent Municipal Court case against Neuville Aéro was heard by Judge Paul Routhier, during deliberations the court consulted and took into consideration past jurisprudence and current court cases, to finally rule in favor of Neuville Aéro stipulating "that the Neuville aerodrome was part of the national aviation system in the meaning given to this expression by the Supreme Court in the COPA case." 

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COPA Submits Brief to House Standing Committee on Finance - Aeronautics Act Amendment

By Kevin Psutka, President and CEO | Updated November 20, 2014

Transport Canada’s amendment to the Aeronautics Act, which was introduced to parliament without consultation with anyone in the aviation industry, would give the Minister of Transport sweeping new powers to any aerodrome development and any change to operations at any aerodrome. The Act amendment is already in the hands of Parliament and has already gone through second reading in Parliament, bypassing all normal consultation processes. COPA has submitted a brief to the House Standing Committee on Finance, The House Standing Committee on Transport and the Standing Senate Committee on Transport and Communications asking them to vote in favour of returning the amendment to Transport Canada for consultation with the aviation industry. I appeared before the Senate Committee on Wednesday, 19 November. To view the hearing, please click here. My testimony starts at 26:30. 

COPA continues to work this issue and I strongly recommend every member contact their member of Parliament with a copy of COPA’s Brief to encourage them to stop this destructive amendment to the Aeronautics Act.

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» COPA's Brief to Parliament
» Speech to the Senate Standing Committee

Closure of Mascouche Airport

By Jean Messier | November 18, 2014

The announcement that Mascouche airport was closing on November 15, 2016 was not a surprise to anyone since the Municipality had announced a relocation project months ago. However on November 10 the Mayor of Mascouche surprised everyone by announcing that it put an end to the project of relocation of the airport in the vicinity of the current site and considered recently by all parties as an ideal location.

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COPA’s Freedom to Fly Fund Employed in finding a 100LL alternative

By Kevin Psutka, President and CEO | November 17, 2014

In my last report on the progress toward a replacement fuel I mentioned that the National Research Council (NRC) was working toward a project to ground and flight test candidate replacement fuels and offer their services to the FAA in a combined effort to identify replacement fuel(s) by 2018 to meet their timelines for replacing 100LL entirely in 2025.

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Heads up (or down) for Unmanned Air Vehicles

By Kevin Psutka, President and CEO | November 3, 2014

In our October 30 edition of eFlight we highlighted Transport Canada’s initiative, brought on in part by COPA’s call for action, to educate the public on the safe use of UAVs.

In recognition of the fact that the proliferation and sophistication of UAVs is taxing Transport Canada’s ability to ensure the safety of the public, including those who fly, Transport Canada called key stakeholders, including COPA, to a meeting on October 31, to announce an internally developed way forward.

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COPA and Aircraft Spruce Canada Have a Deal for You!

With the cooperation of Aircraft Spruce Canada (, COPA is pleased to make the following offer to anyone who buys a 406 MHz ELT from Aircraft Spruce Canada. Our goal in putting this deal together is to provide one-stop-shopping for the purchase and programming of your ELT as well as renewing your COPA membership or taking out a new membership (both at no cost to you).

Contact Aircraft Spruce Canada at 877-795-2278 or visit to order a 406 MHz ELT from their large selection of available units. When your ELT arrives, it will include a buck slip from COPA. When you complete the buck slip with your contact information and send it to COPA (fax, scan and email or mail), we will verify your purchase and then do one of the following, depending on your membership type. If you have an individual membership, we will extend it by one year, a value of $58 (at no cost to you).

If you have a family or corporate membership, we will apply this value ($58) to your membership account to extend your membership by one year and send you an invoice for the difference (family $21+tax, corporate $215+tax). For non-members, we will provide a complementary one year individual membership, complete with all of the benefits of being a member.

Discounts for COPA members

Spot Gen 3

New SPOT Gen3 Satellite GPS Messenger from Globalstar

By Phil Lightstone

I haven't met a pilot yet who isn’t intrigued with technology. Aircraft are technological wonders for many a layperson. There is a blending of many different technologies, such as power plants, aluminum, steel, rivets, radios, instruments, and from years gone by, wood, fabric, glue and dope.

Over the last 100 plus years, the technology of flight has grown by leaps and bounds. With the advent of satellite technology and the Internet, companies like Globalstar, a provider of mobile satellite voice and data services, have delivered technologies which can save lives. This includes SPOT Gen3, an affordable handheld satellite communication and tracking device, which should be in every pilot’s flight bag.

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Review of DeLorme InReach Satellite Messaging System

G. Alan Hepburn

October 2012


A relatively new player in the field of affordable non-mobile phone communications is the Delorme inReach. While it has apparently been available since November 2011, the author first became aware of it at AirVenture 2012. Basically, it’s a rugged pocket sized 7 oz box which, when paired with an Android smartphone or iOS device, provides you with outgoing text messaging to SMS or email addresses, incoming text messages sent in reply to your outgoing messages, or from a special Delorme website, and tracking capability anywhere in the world. It also has useful capabilities as a stand-alone unit.

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Special offer for COPA Members extended to 31 July 2015


Spidertracks – Product Evaluation

By Kevin Psutka and Bob Kirkby

Updated 8 November 2012

(This is a two-part report. Kevin was provided Spidertracks 2 for testing in the flatlands of eastern Canada while Bob tested Spidertracks 3 in the Alberta mountains)

Part One – by Kevin Psutka

I have used SPOT since the beta testing days and most recently upgraded to a SPOT 2 (see my report ). I carry a tracking device because my many years of experience with the ELT issue and my knowledge of the limitations of ELTs, including their high failure rate, leads me to conclude that regardless of what the government may require, I want to carry something else to improve the prospects for my passengers and I in the event that we go down.

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ELT Update

By Kevin Psutka

It has been one year since my last update, in which I reported that there was no change in the status of the regulation amendment and that current regulation remains in place.

This remains the status. All aircraft operating in Canadian airspace must carry a serviceable Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) that broadcasts on either 121.5 MHz (TSO 91 or 91a) or 406 MHz and 121.5 MHz (TSO 126).

I pointed out that if you elect to equip with a 406 MHZ ELT and/or carry a 406 PLB, you must ensure that it is registered with the beacon registry

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Donate to the Freedom to Fly Fund today

Given the considerable challenges we continue to face against our freedom to fly, we urge everyone to consider donating to the Freedom to Fly Fund. We have all benefited significantly from those who donated before us. Now it is time to ensure that we continue to be able to protect your freedom as well as the freedom of those who will follow us.

Click here for examples of how the Freedom to Fly Fund has been applied to date.

Downloadable COPA Freedom to Fly Fund Donation Form MS Word format / PDF Format

Automatically donate to the Freedom to Fly Fund each month. MS Word format / PDF Format

Freedom to Fly Fund Corporate Sponsor form

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